Californ I Aint - Album Available Now

“Few Miles South is exactly what Americana fans want right now!  They're country, make no mistake—and traditional country fans will love them, but Americana fans will love their rootsy, organic sound.”  I like where these guys are going!”

- Camo, Host of The Nashville Access Facebook Show and co-host of the Nashville Access Podcast

We're over the moon to share our first full length album with you! We decided to steer clear of the typical country tropes we explored on Might Could, and instead reveal some of the messier stories of our lives.
You'll hear about a run in with a doomsday cult, getting ripped off by music industry folks, unwanted memories of sexual assault, the ups and downs of addiction, our crazy kin and plenty more.

If we’ve noticed one thing about living in small town GA, compared to Los Angeles, it's that honesty is the law of the land, and we're better for it. So were gonna give it to you straight and hope transparency allows us to relate and connect, because that's what music is all about!

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Much love,
Blake and Tori 

Might Could-EP Available Now

"Bringing back that classic, country sound and honky-tonk atmosphere"
-Skope Magazine

We have been anticipating this release for a year now and hope you enjoy the 5 songs we selected to mark the beginning of our journey. The title track, "Might Could", is the first song we wrote together as Few Miles South. At the time we were still living in CA, working day jobs and toying with the idea of leaving it all behind to chase a dream. We’d often come home to our tiny studio apartment to find our dog, "Jojo", staring out the window seemingly daydreaming about her own aspirations. “Walking to the Moon” came after many a sleepless night inevitably leading to our decision to move “On Down the Road” to Blake’s hometown in GA. These changes have been exciting, but at times scary. "What’s yours is mine” is a reminder that no matter the challenges, no matter our differences, we are in this together. 

We are proud to say we wrote, recorded, produced, and designed all elements of this project independently, but we were certainly not without help. We are grateful for the musicians who lent us their talents in the studio and on stage: Paul Allen, Ryan Posner, Simon Horrocks, Peter Freiburger, Miguel Lyons-Cavazos, Micheal Rosen, Anna Portalupi, Tommy Ducharme, Wesley Best and Bob Rhea. Special thanks to Bob "Boo” Bernstein, who you can hear all over the EP on pedal steel and Scarlett Rivera who's fine fiddlin' brings “Walking to the Moon" to life. We are thankful to our families and friends who have tolerated and encouraged us along the way, and, not least of all, we would like to sincerely thank YOU! Thank you for listening, coming to shows, opening our emails (haha) and supporting us. We hope you enjoy!

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Much love and many thanks!
Blake and Tori 
"On Down The Road"
Winner: Best International Video
Hotdisc Country Music Awards 2017
Tara Joan- The Daily Country
Jimmy Rae- Skope Magazine
Georgia duo, Few Miles South, recently released their new EP, Might Could, a five-track outing that offers a treat for the ears. Written, recorded, produced, and designed independently, Might Could features a hefty, delightful dose of steel and fiddle complimented by Tori's rich, emotive vocals. From the driving title track and the rootsy "Jojo" to the classic shuffle of “Walking to the Moon” and hopeful closer "What's Yours Is Mine" Few Miles South have a solid EP of country music that you should make sure doesn't pass you by. 

Right away when I Hit Play on this new EP, I was thinking to myself that Few Miles South is bringing back that classic, country sound and honky-tonk atmosphere and way of life.  What a refreshing taste going away from the constant Pop County realm that is heavily saturating Today’s country music market.  This is a debut release from Few Miles South but you wouldn’t know it from listening because the band sounds like a well-seasoned production that’s been churning out Hits/singles for years!  ‘Might Could’ is a major testament to FMS and their abilities as artists/musicians to put together recordings that are so polished and perfectly executed.
Few Miles South is comprised of two core members, Blake English & Tori Lund, with plenty of talented accompaniment on the five songs.   On the opening number and title track, “Might Could”, one will hear pure country roots and just an overall good-times vibe.  Tori’s vocals really pop out to go along with a beat and rhythm that shakes, rattles and rolls.  Tori convincingly expresses that “This ain’t my first rodeo” on “Might Could” and I will not argue with that one bit!  Track 2, “Jojo”, cruises along where the pleasant sound is hitting your face like a cool breeze.  Next up, the listener will land on “Walking To The Moon” where Tori Lund’s inviting voice draws you in to go along with a relaxing melody.  Track 4, “On Down The Road”, travels at a swift pace where FMS is bringin’ it on home.  I recently watched the movie “Urban Cowboy” again and thought this style of song would have been a perfect addition to the rowdy, Honky-Tonk scene.  Maybe if there’s a sequel, Few Miles South can grab the mechanical bull by the horns and march “On Down The Road” with authority.  The EP ends on a high note with “What’s Yours Is Mine” where harmonious vocalizations are hitting me from all directions as FMS delivers a powerful performance.
With Tori’s commanding tone & presence as a singer and Blake’s fiery & steady guitar playing, Few Miles South is no joke and distinct precision at its finest.  It’s worth noting that Blake English and Tori Lund wrote, produced and recorded the entire EP together showcasing their full potential and capabilities as musical engineers.  If you’re ready to saddle up and enjoy the Golden Age of Country again, then grab the reins and ride along with Few Miles South and their trusty EP sidekick ‘Might Could’.  And who knows, maybe Blake and Tori Could even head a Few Miles South, find Bud & Sissy and play at the memorable Gilley’s in Texas paying homage to and playing into the theme of “Urban Cowboy”. That just Might be an idea, a barn burner and one hell of a time; YEE-HAW!

Dan MacIntosh- Skope Magazine
Few Miles South’s “On Down the Road” does the traditional country music fan’s heart good. Heck, they’re unashamed fans of Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton, the two near-saviors of contemporary country music. But good taste alone won’t win fans; the music must also be good, and Few Miles South has the goods.
The song begins with a perfect steel guitar intro played by Bob “Boo” Bernstein (who’s played with Tanya Tucker, Emmylou Harris and Dwight Yoakam), before jumping into a chugging electric guitar rhythm. The song is a road song, sung by Tori Lund. Lund and Blake English comprise this duo, which was formed in 2014 to write and shop songs to artists. The single comes from the EP Might Could.
This is not so much a happy song about the road life, so much as it is a necessity. Even though this couple works hard at its craft, it still admits to trouble with paying the bills. “My roots are pulling me on down the road,” Lund sings, which suggests the musician road life just may be genetic.
It’s odd how these two artists meld so well together. Lund is a classically trained singer and piano teacher, while English is a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Somehow, though, they bonded over a shared love for country music. They met in Los Angeles, while playing in a church, but grew tired of city living. They gave up their jobs and headed South, where they had more room for their dogs and a more appropriate atmosphere to celebrate their musical roots.
“On Down the Road” may be a new song, but its instrumentation and performance links it to traditional country music that goes way back. Whereas so much contemporary country music seems to have caught the pop and rock musical freeway, Few Miles South sticks with tried and true country backroads, which gives it a wonderful roots-y sound.
Let’s hope Few Miles South remains with its chosen style. Chances are good fans of Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton fans will recognize the roots Few Miles South explore, and happily follow them down the road.
Music Industry News Network
Dave Watkins- "The Country Mile"- U.K.
Few Miles South is a combined effort of some extremely talented musicians who have been producing and recording amazing and original soundtracks for the past two years. Based in Georgia, the band works with the mesmerizing notes from the indie country and southern rock to fuse them into a timeless melodious composition of musical tunes. Boasting over more than thirty enchanting unique melodies, Few Miles South proudly presents their newly released single On Down the Road that is already running successfully and getting thousands of likes and views in the various social media outlets.

Sung by the extremely versatile Tori along with Blake looking after the basic engineering and production work of this EP, the single, ‘On Down the Road’ is surely one of their ace composition from the album. Independent and self-funded, this group of musicians is invariably some of the best sparkling gems that are sure to light the musical nation with their serene brightness.

Beginning over a lively, free-flowing instrumental prelude, the song is a fast-moving track that has the ability to grab a listener’s attention within the first few moments of the song. A strong guitar section, memorable bass, and pulsating drums mark the beginning of a journey full of life, energy, enthusiasm and complete seclusion from all the negativity of the world. The track intently culminates an aura of beauty and desire that is still waiting for its owner to explore and eventually spread through the deserts of gloominess bringing in the fresh air from the beautiful meadows of those unknown destinations.

‘Its seventeen years and a way too long,’ imprints a wonderful journey of memories and experiences in the highly musical voice of Tori. High-pitched and flexible, her voice has a magic that is irresistible and gripping. Just as the happening theme of the song, Tori modulate her voice to match the tones perfectly and gives the track a definite edge that is equally interesting and enjoyable to hear. Proficient with engineering tactics and well equipped to fuse the lyrics with the musical chords; Blake has ensured a high-quality sound which makes the track more cherishable to the listener.

The audio track also has a well-enacted video associated with it which further improves the effectiveness of this single. With the group of musicians performing live on an empty truck while the vehicle roll on the empty and barren streets of life. Tori does leave an impression with her balanced vocals and expressive performance. Even on a small and fitted budget, the track and video do give its listeners the exposure of a well-designed and established popular band performance. Hovering over the magic of their previous creations, this band of musicians does create magic again on stage. The minimal digital effects further improvise the feel while the song unfolds over a quick-paced musical track.

With many tracks already hitting hard on the chartbusters and being appreciated by many followers and fans, Few Miles South does give its listener a new and fresh feel of country rock tones that are sure to be remembered for years to come.
"I first came across 'On Down The Road' almost by accident but I'm so pleased that I found it! Blake and Tori have come up with a toe tappin' tune, perfect for blasting out in the car or placing onto a Country radio show! Gets me going every time I hear it and it has also made me very keen to get hold of some more Few Miles South tunes too!"

Dave Franklin- Dancing About Architecture

In recent years there has been a move to take country out of its traditional sonic stamping ground and bend it into new, supposedly cooler, versions of itself and adding “post” or “alt” or “new” and the like to the front of the genre. I guess it is just the way of things, people having adverse reactions to the music of the previous generation and seeking to make something new for their young, emerging tribe. And whilst country may have picked up some stereotypical trappings, sometimes it is just done so damn well that you have to look beyond the journalistic rhetoric and the generic divides and just admit that it is a hell of a lot of fun. Few Miles South is just such a band.

They wear their country heart on their denim sleeves for sure, after all what’s more country than a band riding down a blasted, endless highway in the back of a cattle truck playing their song. There’s an upright bass, a lap steel guitar, boot cut jeans, cowboy hats, baseball caps…there’s even a dog. And the result is glorious. Groovesome country goodness, the sort of song that will cause even the most ardent wall flower to throw some line dancing moves and boogie the night away. It’s life-affirming, fun, deft and perfectly delivered. If you didn’t think you liked country music, I challenge you to listen to On Down The Road and then not admit that you may have been a bit quick to call it. Go on, I dare you.
[email protected] Sleeping Bag Studios
So…you kinda have to put yourself in my shoes to fully appreciate why I started smiling right away when it came to reviewing Few Miles South.  Imagine you JUST pushed play on the music and sat down to do your tippity-typey thing…and immediately, you can hear the unmistakable sound of the Country genre start to fire up through the speakers within seconds.  And naturally, you just assume, you know, like because of the name of the band & all, that this musical-story would begin somewhere like Austin, or Nashville, or even Memphis…the tried, tested, & true havens of the music from the old-school to the new, right?  Show of hands please!  A quick count here…looks like we’ve got just about everyone in the room agreeing on that one.  And now raise your hand if you were thinking somewhere more like L.A.

Anyone?  No one?  Not a single person assumed that this story of Country music first began in L.A.?

Well I can’t says I blame ya partner, I reckon that wouldn’t have been the first thing to my mind either, which is what got this old musical outlaw here chuckling at bit as I started to listen to Few Miles South.  As it turns out, the two co-founders of the group Blake & Tori met in 2014 singing & playing in an L.A. church band…started talking Country music…and you know how the old saying goes; once you meet in a church band in L.A. and start talking Country music, you’re sure to start playing it for the rest of time.  Of course, don’t quote me on that…but I’m pretty sure that’s a phrase we’ve all heard many times before.

Anyhow…that’s the history (sort of) for ya…they’re based in Georgia now, for the record.  I suppose the next logical step is to mention that they go on to refine their style & sound over the years to follow, and in February this year, they released that long anticipated debut, the Might Could EP.  “On Down The Road” is a great choice for a single to represent this band and their music; tightly performed and like…it’s really rooted in the classic Country sound, but really has an energy that I’d imagine would translate readily into the right here & now.  I think what’ll be interesting for the people listening out there, will be the ‘what will you notice first?’ aspect of this song.  Could be the stunning guitar work from Blake English, which inarguably makes an immediate impact for the remarkable tone, proficiency, & skills on display…could be the steadiness in the surrounding instrumentation of the rhythm section and how this entire band really moves in lockstep with each other…or it could very well be the major ace up the sleeve of Few Miles South on the microphone that they have in Tori Lund, who sounds fantastically suited for this style of music.

And in my own humble opinion – she’s going to be the magic that people connect with most.

Here’s why.  When you read about these two individually, you’ll read that Blake has been out there in the scene and he’s certainly found success in his career.  He’s worked with many artists with names you’d recognize as a producer, engineer, writer – all that good stuff…he’s paid his dues and he’s at that point where he really knows what he wants out of his music now.  Tori on the other hand, while she impressively tackled her Masters of Music degree and graduated – she was pursuing Opera at the time; discovering that her heart wasn’t in it must have been devastating on some level, I can only imagine.  You put all that time into something, only to find out later that it’s not what you really want, that can suck, no two-ways about it.  That being said…from my experience, life tends to send you on a different path for reasons unknown, sending signals leading you towards the place you’re meant to thrive in.  And it’s in saying that, that I can only imagine the joy that Tori must have felt in finding her way here to Few Miles South.  The results are fantastic and a complete confirmation that she’s found the space where she belongs – this fine lady was meant to sing Country music and you can hear that on “On Down The Road” without question.  If Opera almost claimed her…believe me, Country music is lucky to have her.  She’s got the personality, attitude, tone, range, talent, and confidence to make the most of every moment she’s on the microphone – and from the sound of this lead-single, she’s definitely seems inspired to use every one of her assets & strengths to her advantage and really take hold of her destiny.

Combined with the absolutely outstanding skills & sounds from Blake and his guitar sliding & soloing away throughout the song, the gloriously up-tempo pace, sweet rhythm & charm meeting the quintessential hardships you’ve come to know & love from the Country music genre – Few Miles South creates a wild tune to listen to and a genuinely great experience with “On Down The Road.”  They’ve clearly both got their heads & hearts in the game, they both bring noteworthy skills & strengths to the band & the songwriting…the combination of passion & professionalism here is definitely impressive to the ears.  From everything I’ve read, it seems that they both would likely feel that being in Few Miles South would be a sort of shot at redemption for them as musicians…a genuine chance to contribute the music they’ve always wanted to make to the world.  And from everything I’ve heard on their new single “On Down The Road” – it sounds like they’re both ready to make that contribution count.

Solid tune all-around…no complaints from me – Few Miles South do what they do extremely well. 
Linda Reagan- L.A. Vocal, Piano Coach
Tori and Blake, I could not be more impressed with your CD.  I'm not
sure I have ever listened to a country album that has so much artistic
detail.  Tori, your voice not only soared with ease to the upper registers,
at one point sounding absolutely ethereal, but you were able to get that
gutsy, gritty sound in the lower ranges as well.  The emotion in "Miles" and "Lemme Come Back Home" brought me to tears, but the full range of your abilities were even more fully on display in the haunting "Ghost Town", the sassy "Gonna Be a Wet One" and toe-tappers like "On Down the Road" and "Pretty Lil' JoJo", among others. Such impressive song-writing versatility, and you were able to bring every single one to life.
Blake, the talent you exhibit in your guitar riffs in particular, but on
percussion and all the other strings you play as well is astounding to hear.
Every song revealed carefully considered musical choices.  The use of fiddle and harmonica is especially noteworthy.  I am awestruck by your abilities, not only as a song-writer, but as an arranger as well.  The band sounded cohesive and complementary to every song Tori sang (and was that you on harmony at one point?  If it was, you should sing more mister!)  It bothers me when the band drowns out the lyrics or emotional timbre in a singer's voice.  Hat-tip to your engineering skills that struck just the right balance.
The Widows Peak Bandit- The Ratings Game
It’s nothing but good vibes when you get a chance to go On Down The Road with Few Miles South!

“On Down The Road” turns all frowns in its vicinity upside down! Behind great energy from the instrumentalists and exuberant vocals from Tori, you get this exhilarating country gem that does a great job of capturing all the wonderful things that comes with living countryside. Listeners will truly enjoy the tracks infectious guitar-play and consistent bass lines, and love Tori’s vivacious lyrical content throughout. Which way is it to countryside, guys?
Mike Bradford- Program Director NBRN.FM/Nashville
The latest single called "On Down The Road" recorded by Few Miles South is now being played throughout the day on NBRN.FM. I recently conducted a phone interview with Blake and Tori Lund founders of Few Miles South and it went quite well. The song itself is very refreshing to hear on the radio simply because it has the "Country Music" sound. I also noticed as I played the song that it has a touch of the Bakersfield sound which the likes of Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and Dwight Yoakam made famous just to name a few. Be watching and listening for Few Miles South music.
I rate Few Miles South with a two thumbs up.

Duke Kelso- L.A. Guitarist & Vintage Amp Guru (regarding single "On Down The Road")
Wow !!! --- this really puts you in a good mood... just a rolling down
the road with a grinning band & Tori's spirited vocal, captures
the great outdoor country feelings, so you can't sit still - Hats off to
the the boys in the band with the wicked guitar picking & slide
work backed with a steady rolling bass line & drum groove --- a
definite FAV to save - FEW MILES SOUTH- This group is going places with hits like this - stay tuned people